How to Place an Ad

How To Place an Ad on


  1. Create and Account and Login. If you are reading this, you have made it this far.

  1.  Once logged in, Click the “Place an Ad” button on the top right of the homepage.
  2. Select “My Account”

  1. Select “Submit New Listing” button on the top left

**Warning** Deleting Images or Videos from the MEDIA GALLERY will delete them from your ad!


  1. Select which type of ad you would like, Free, Featured for 30 day, Featured for 120 Days, etc.
  2. Add your Listing Title and Listing Description
  3. Add a short summary that you would like people to see about your ad first

(the expiration date is already set for     you)

  1. Select the + sign next to the category your would like to post in. Please select a main category and any subcategory you would like to post in. Please ensure there is a check mark beside each category you choose.

Add any listing tags you may want to use. Listing tags are descriptive words related to your ad.

  1. Add in pricing, email, phone, and or website contact information for users to contact you.
  1. Click upload image on the Image Listings Section.

You will see a media gallery containing any photos you may have already uploaded. **Warning** Deleting Images or Videos from the MEDIA GALLERY will delete them from your ad!

You can drag and drop any photo you wish to upload. However, Please make sure images are  between 500 and 1000 pixels. Any smaller than that will cause the image to be blurry.


  1. In the Listings Locations area, no need to mess with anything other than the address. Begin typing in your address and the website will do the rest. Once you select your address, your map will be set with a new marker.
  2. Click to agree to terms and conditions of the website, and submit the new listing! Voila! You have created an ad!