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Item Description

Look around any lake or coastal areas do you see the money potential in boat docks? 97% of them look bad due to negligence.Wood is gray & splintering They need to be revive.YOU Can be earning 2500 - $$6000 or more per week resurfacing boat docks & wood decks.I will train & reveal everything you need to know to succeed with proper application & marketing. Interested in making money today w/out pie in the sky schemes? Call Deckpros (Ken Reddick)now cell# 704-577-0823 I will train you in one day as well as get your first job guaranteed. I will introduce you to a billion $ market of boat dock resurfacing.98% of boat docks need some restoration due to neglect. Dock owners complain of splinters , splitting wood, gray oxidation, or just ugly wood. They are searching for low price restoration compare to high cost replacement 'You can be resurfacing with our amazing texturizing ingredient that can be purchased at your local hardware store.(NOT RESTORE)The market is wide open. You can get started with limited equipment & little upfront money. Boat dock owners are searching for this service everyday & can't find enough contractors to restore/resurface their docks. If you want to make honest/quick cash call me & get started today. The limited $2500 fee includes simple 1 day training, marketing in your area, guaranteed $1500 or more first job.CALL NOW YOU CAN BE MISSING OUT ON A GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

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