Hitchhiking With Larry David: A True Story From Martha’s Vineyard

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**Hitchhiking With Larry David**: A True Story From Martha's Vineyard - (All Massachusetts )
A hysterical account of Dolman s real life interaction with Larry David on the magical island of Martha s Vineyard. Laugh out loud funny, it shows a side of Larry

Paul has a gift for meeting people in a comfortable and engaging way, and for truly hearing them. This has led to a life of remarkable interactions and magical ... With the sun on my face, I stand by the side of the road, a small bag of pastries from the doughnut shop in hand, for my first hitch of the season. I’m off to a rocky start; there’s been no action for the past half-hour. A car approaches (okay, here we go) … My thumb goes out … The guy is balding, with glasses …

But wait—I recognize this guy from pictures in magazines. In fact, did no’t I just read some brilliant piece written by him in the New York Times? Yes, somehow my nascent psychic powers have manifested the actor, comedian, writer, and fellow Homo sapiens Larry David.

This is not a fantasy; it actually took place, Larry David picking me up and driving me across Martha’s Vineyard one summer day. The conversation that follows was recollected from memory, then later looked over by Larry, who confirmed it, then remarked, “If I’d only known, I would have been wittier.”

Larry David: Need a ride?

Paul Dolman: Yes. Thank you.

Hitchhiking With Larry David Paperback

Go to the web and have so fun :

http://www.amazon.com/Hitchhiking-Larry-David-Samuel-Dolman/dp/1890115177 »


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