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Item Description


FRASHIZZLES MAN, FRASHIZZLES! Do you want to turn heads on the water?  You’ll breaks necks with this Moomba Outback V!

For years, the Moomba Outback V has been the essence of compact performance and wake in a wakeboarding boat.  At 20’9” with a folding tower and removal platform, this Outback V takes the hassle out of storage, even fits in most garages. It’s stylish with flared gunwales in the bow as well as various automotive-inspired accents throughout the interior and deck design, your hardest decision will be choosing whether to park the car or the boat in the garage.

It has an impressive 1,200 pounds of well-distributed bag ballast and electric Multisport wake plate. One of the most important things on a wake boat is the wake.  This Outback V throws a wide wake especially for a 20-foot boat with an impressive span and enough girth to send you comfortably out into the flats.  Ride it with a short line and slow, then work up to longer lines and faster speeds as you add weight.  Wow, I’m ready to go grab my board!

We have great, virtually unbeatable, financing, insurance and warranty available and usually can have you pulling it down the street the same day. Don’t wait around too long.

Visit www.rpmsports.com for more pictures or call 830-865-3251 for more details.  “IT JUST DON’T GET NO GOODER THAN RPMSPORTS.”

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1970 Terminal Loop Road, McQueeney, TX, USA, Texas, United States 78123
Phone: 830-865-3251
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