Iguana Yachts THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL amphibious boat,

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Item Description

Iguana Yachts is a French company created in 2008, specialized in design and manufacturing of new generation boats. The main facilities and shipyards are located in western France, in Normandy where the allied troops landed 70 years ago


Why would anyone need an Iguana?

An iguana is an innovative product that undeniably makes boating easier but I am constantly asked “Why would I need it”, “what’s the purpose of it” or even told “isn’t it just a gimmick?” I’m sure there are plenty of products now in everyday use that faced the same questions, why did we need banking.......


How to chose the perfect yacht tender

I often remind our clients, once you get to where you’re going, you’ll spend all your time on your tender. Expected to perform at a minute’s notice to do just about anything from carrying gear and supplies to ferrying passengers and towing children it’s surprising how little thought the tender purchase is sometimes given. Here’s […]


Is carbon fibre the next miracle material in boatbuilding or shall we create a synergy of what’s perfect for our clients?

If you ask anyone why use carbon fibre, you’ll typically get a three word answer, stronger, harder, lighter. These are the reasons it is commonly used by some of the biggest brands on earth from Boeing to Lamborghini. But do these benefits translate in the boating world? Stronger: Carbon fibre is typically twice as strong […]

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Mondeville, Basse-Normandie, France 14120, France 14120
Phone: +33 662 576 162
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