Thorne Bros. brings comfort of Winn grips to its line of ice fishing rods

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**Thorne Bros. brings comfort of Winn grips to its line of ice fishing rods**

**BLAINE, Min**n. œ If you havent ice fished, you probably wonder how anyone can endure a day on a frozen lake whipped by snow and wind œ let alone have fun doing it!

Sure, ice fishermen are tough, hearty souls that brave the elements and revel in weather that drives others to a warm fire. But œ make no mistake œ they have a talent for finding comfort, warmth and efficiency where it matters most!

And where it matters most is in the hand…the hand that feels…the hand that reels…in the cold!

This winter, Thorne Bros. Custom Rod & Tackle will offer a full spectrum of ice-fishing rods with custom-designed grips made by Winn, Inc., the Huntington Beach, California-based manufacturer of advanced polymer grips for sports equipment.

“We will offer all kinds of ice rods with Winn grips this year, from 16-inch rods for panfish to 45- and 48-inch ice rods for walleye and lake trout, says Lonnie Murphy who heads the booming rod-building operation of the prominent Minneapolis-area tackle retailer. “The line will feature two different Winn grips custom designed for Thorne Bros. œ a 4.5-inch and a 7-inch model.

Winn grips are made from patented polymers developed by Dr. Ben Huang, the aerospace engineering pioneer who worked under Wernher von Braun in the development of the Saturn V rocket that took American astronauts to the moon before applying his genius to grips for sports equipment. Winn is the global leader in premium grips for golf clubs.

“Fishermen will find in the WinnDry material used to make our ice rod grips pretty much all the advantages people have witnessed in the golf industry with Winn advanced polymers, adds Murphy. “The material is very ‘grippy,…tacky and friendly to the hand even in rain and snow and extreme cold. Yet it is still lightweight. The other advantage is the look. Our black with red trim grips œ with the Thorne Bros. logo right in the handle œ look very sharp!

Legions of customers are accustomed to seeing Thorne Bros. at the forefront of ice fishing innovation. A long-time leader and innovator in ice fishing and musky tackle, Thorne Bros. built its extraordinary following by providing anglers with hard-to-find and even exclusive products tailored to their needs.

Established in 1983 principally as a specialist in musky tackle and custom rod building, Thorne Bros. has become the outfitter and service center for Twin Cities anglers and a “must stop for many a visiting angler to the Minnesota Northwoods.

“We are one of the innovators in the industry, no doubt! says Murphy. “For ice rods in particular! We sell thousands of our rods every year and tailor many of them with special wraps and handle options and custom order additions. We will have Winn grips on the same popular rod models we have had for years and offer them as a custom order option as well…Well make a rod for just about any fish you can pull through the ice!


Thorne Bros. Custom Rod & Tackle is a groundbreaking tackle retailer and custom rod builder specializing in the needs of anglers in the Upper Midwest and the Minnesota Northwoods. Known as “musky specialists and the “ice fishing headquarters of the region, Thorne Bros. has an international following built in large part around a reputation for having unique and hard-to-locate musky lures, creating custom rods for specialized applications, and fulfilling the needs of its broad customer base. It operates one of the largest custom rod building operations in the country, best known for its musky, ice fishing and fly rods. For more information on Thorne Bros. and its fishing rods, see the Thorne Bros. website:


Founded by pioneering aerospace engineer and mathematician Dr. Ben Huang, Winn Inc., based in Huntington Beach, California, is the first manufacturer to bring premium polymer rod grips to fishermen. The company's pursuit of the most technologically advanced rod grips mirrors its pioneering efforts in golf, tennis and bicycle grips and wraps. Winn patented multiple polymer compounds are tackier and more comfortable than traditional cork and EVA grips. Each polymer is uniquely formulated Winn grips to elevate the enjoyment and performance level of participants at every level œ in every field it enters. For more information on Winn rod grips, check the Winn Grips fishing website:


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